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What area do you cover?
Some student movers don’t offer services to or from London, however, from my home in Coventry, I cover the entire British mainland.

I’m really busy, can you help me with my packing/unpacking?
Suzanne, my ‘packing-lady’, is here, ready to help – please, just ask.
Also, if you haven’t got your own, Suzanne can provide all of the packing materials that you will need.

Packing service

Do you smoke/vape?
No, I don’t.

Warwick Student Removals Van
Mercedes Sprinter
Coventry Student Removals Mercedes Van
Mercedes Sprinter

I need a cleaner just before I move out/just after I move in. Any suggestions?
I work closely with The Coventry Cleaning Lady. Suzanne is totally reliable and works to a very high standard. – 07732 410144 –

Coventry and Warwick Student Moves FAQ
Coventry and Warwick Student Moves